Sunday, November 23, 2008

Power Outage!

Last night, while the family slept I heard some noises from the street sounding somewhat like gun shots (though I was certain it was not), and on the same time the fan that we use to cool down my son stopped. Power Outage I thought and slept on, somebody will do something with it soon.
Early the next morning we woke up of noises from our television, each time the power came, the television gave a "pop" sound, and the power came and went like a disco light. To stop the sound I unplugged all the systems connected to the TV, and we slept on.
Now, 24 hours later, the power is still unstable, it seems like there are some serious problems with the electricity at the moment. One pharmacy I passed today used a notepad to write down what each customer bought (including the numbers from the bar codes), so that they could stay open without power. At times like this one notices how much we are tied to electric energy.
The computer I'm using is a lap-top with fairly good battery life, while the WLAN antenna and the ADSL modem both depend on a stable power supply. Alias our internet connection have come and gone all day.
Our Refrigerator and our Freezer are both kept shut, so that they can store the cold and keep the food from being destroyed, we cook most of our food on gas, but need electricity to heat water in the showers, it is also good with some light in the bathrooms, which is electric, and TV offers a lot of entertainment, either to watch TV broadcasts, or DVD's.
Now I wonder how long time it will take before we get the power back. I am tired of sitting in the dark.

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