Tuesday, September 9, 2008

International banking

The way I live, I need to have banks in multiple countries, and that way I also have to move money around the world. But wiring money is not as easy as you would think. Within one bank, or even within a country is no big deal, but as soon as your money are crossing the borders, than you need to know how things are working.
It takes time to learn this, and in the event of my last transfer (from Norway to Brazil) i grounded again. This time it turned out I had to sign for the money to receive them, something that is difficult when I was sitting on the opposite of the world.
After a few phone calls and emails explaining the situation, the money transfer was completed, but in case of this happening in the future, I need to make a backup plan, so that my wife can sign for the money.

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Betty Boom said...

Mye å holde styr på - synes du er superdyktig. Og du er garantert en fantastisk far. God helg, Betty

Love people, use money, not the opposite!